Shopworks | Maritime
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The importance of having a reliable one-stop supplier is crucial. We have extensive experience and capabilities to deliver quality services to such locations. From catering and food supply, procurement, logistics, spare parts handling as well as sales, we offer a wide range of quality marine products so that you can concentrate on running your operations. We also supply from the yard to the field site.


We support all kinds of merchant vessels regardless of size, from container ships to bulk carriers with general ship supplies, marine equipment and spare parts. Your supplies are delivered seamlessly with our extended national network; we can easily coordinate any kind of delivery to any port in Nigeria.

Our aim is to provide exceptional customer service which, combined with a broad products and services portfolio, will create solutions that deliver value to all stakeholders while taking out unnecessary costs.

We are also experts in procuring local foods, bringing you a taste of home. We can deliver your favourite food.


Speed and accuracy are key when it comes to ship building and maintenance. We understand the intricacies of the industry and strive to deliver crucial supplies in a timely manner to our customers – from provisions for the crew to spare parts and marine equipment.
To increase efficiency, we provide a one-point-contact 24/7 service.